I was charged for a technician fee without being told about it

I feel completely scamed by Verizon. Firstly let me start by saying how absolutely horrible some of their agents are, I had called in to get help with getting my wifi connected and after being on the phone with an agent for over 2 hours, she ends up telling me that she is not able to fix the issue and that she will be sending in a technician to help, mind you she never ever mentioned any fees for sending in the technician, later on I received my bill and I see a charge for it in the amount of $99. I ended up chatting with one of the agents to help me resolve it and they directed me to a Fios agent for help, the Fiso agent ended up telling me that he will place a note in my account to waive these charges and that I should go ahead and contact Verizon customer service in order for them to go ahead and waive it once they see his note. I contact them and I had to deal with the most horrible agent who was absolutely no help, first he tried to force me into getting into a “Discounted plan” and after I told him that I didn’t want to he proceeded into telling me that there is no way for him to remove the $99 unless I enroll in that plan. I was absolutely furious, why can’t you just remove the charges when it was clearly you guys fault in the first place, why couldn’t you tell me in the first place that there will be a technician fee, if I had known ahead of time I would have never gotten that technician and would have rather waited a few days with no wifi until my new router came in and I could have set it up myself. This is my first time using Verizon and I’m absolutely regranting my choice. Why can’t you guys be honest with you customers, why do you have to scamm them like this. 

Re: I was charged for a technician fee without being told about it
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Hi Aya,

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