I would like to discontinuing my service

I would like to cancel my service after being mislead into signing up for a contract that was less per month than my month to month plan (my surprise to be billed now thirty dollars more per month).

Anyway, my girlfriend is in bed resting and I would like to use the chat feature but, oops! Unavailable. Customer service in general is horrible. I'd there any way to cancel without speaking to someone and waking up my girlfriend.

Re: I would like to discontinuing my service
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This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

Do you have documentation as to what the promised cost was?

You sure it is an apples to apples comparison on what you were paying for and what you are paying for now?

Would be a bit unusual for month to month to be substantailly chaper than contract.

They were probably closed for the weekend.

Have you tried chat today?

Re: I would like to discontinuing my service
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Did you sign a 2 year contract?  If so, you aren't getting out of it. They aren't worried about getting sued for bait and switch or anything else because they make you agree to use an arbitrator.  Your best bet is to complain to a regulatory agency like the FCC and FTC...otherwise you will waste your time -- being placed on hold and being transferred from person to person until you simply give up 

Re: I would like to discontinuing my service
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In many areas there is no problem getting out without the penalty if done in certain amount of time.  Probably because of local laws.