Inaccurate information from customer service

I want to offer Verizon customers caution regarding the information they receive about the status of orders from customer service representatives.  I placed an order for service under a new account -- and an order to cancel service under an old account on the same day the new service was being established.  Leading up to that date, I checked in with customer service representives via chat on two separate occasions -- and with phone customer service on two other occasions -- to confirm that Verizon had the information they needed and that I would be able to proceed with initiating the new services on the specifed date.  I told all four representatives I was not moving -- just establishing a new account, they all looked at the details of my order and existing service, and all four assured me that I would be able to proceed with the install and the equipment would be shipped and arrive on the scheduled install date.   The equipment did not arrive as promised.  When I called about that, the customer service representative informed me that Verizon will not establish a new account until the old one is closed for 30 days.   I suspected that might be the case.  However, each of the first four representatives did not tell me that -- they just told me the installation could proceed, kicking responsibility for delivering the bad news down the road as long as they possibly could.  I will be taking my business to a competitor as soon as I can reschedule the installation I cancelled after Verizon representives confirmed that I would be able to establish new service under a new account.  

Re: Inaccurate information from customer service

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.