Installation Issues

Needless to say I am a bit upset with Verizon right now.

I was lured in with a promotional rate, and promised an installation window of 5-7PM on the evening on January 8th. I received a call from the installation technician at 457, and he stated that he will be at my location in thirty minutes. He never showed up, more than two hours later.

I waited until thirty minutes after the window to reach out to Verizon, and was informed that the technician is still at another job site. Why is it my responsibility to reach out if he is running late? Why was I told he would be here in thirty minutes? I can’t sit around all evening waiting for Verizon to come here whenever they feel like it - I chose the appointment window because that is the time that suited me.

Now I need to make arrangements for another appointment, and hope this one goes better. I need to shift things around in my schedule because no one could alert me someone was running Late? I don’t understand why I wasn’t alerted until I reached out. It’s an extremely poor customer experience so far.

This is making me very apprehensive about switching to Verizon if installation can’t even be done correctly.

Re: Installation Issues

Always go with your gut feeling. Many times it tells you what it is going to be like in the future.