Installation order

I'm having an issue getting service in my new home.  I've been a customer for about 7 years and have loved the service (FiOS).  I recently moved to a new home and needed to move my service.  I called and was able to order the move without a problem . Tech showed up the day we moved in and informed me that they would need to bury the wire to do the install, that was on a Saturday.  The order was put in, but a tech would not be assigned until it was buried.  I called almost every day to see the status and was told they had a deadline on Friday.  On Friday they told me that they don't always make their deadlines.  Monday rolls around and my order is auto canceled, since there was no activity on the order (excluding me calling almost every day).  So I created a new order with an install date of the next Friday.  The support person had an issue submitting the new order and now I'm looking at the following Tuesday.  The line has still not been buried and I'm guessing on Tuesday I'll be told the line needs to be buried. 

I've had nothing but nice people answer the phone every time I call, but I'm not sensing a resolution anytime soon.


Re: Installation order
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.