Installer no-show
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I moved to a new residence last weekend.  I was a Fios subscriber before moving, and because Fios is available at my new residence, I placed an order to transfer my services.  A technician appointment was scheduled for today, June 4, and at, it said that the technician would arrive between 8 AM and 5 PM.

It is now 5:25 PM as I am typing this, and the technician NEVER arrived.  When Fios was installed at my prior residence, I remember getting email and text alerts estimating the arrival time of my technician.  Today - NO ALERTS whatsoever.  I spent NINE hours in my residence so that my Fios TV and Internet could be set up and activated at my new residence, and because the technician did not arrived, I feel like I've wasted an entire day off from work.

Re: Installer no-show
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Please call Verizon again to re-book, and ask that a notice be sent if the installer cannot make the appointment.

Re: Installer no-show

Consider yourself lucky. My FIOS service has been down for two weeks. I had two service appts scheduled for Thursday and Friday. Both were no show. No text, no call. I had to find out by going on CHAT to India. Spoke then to three live tech support people: Gabby, Veronica and Tory. All assured me that things were on schedule. They said someone from management would call me back. No one called. Finally CHAT from India said I was rescheduled for today, Sunday. You would think by now I would be a priority. It's 11:00 AM now. No calls. Although I have been with Verizon residential service for over 30 yrs, it may be time to change. The lack of customer service and care is stunning! No phone calls, no texts. I am telling a small lie, The automated 800 number keeps calling me asking me to confirm today's 8:00-9:00 PM appointment. It does that every day. Laughable!