Internet Gateway changed to wireless plan - all that data usage

In the process of adding a new phone to our wireless plan, the internet gateway was changed to a wireless phone service plan.  Immediately we started receiving messages that we are exceeding our date allowance.  Two hours plus on the phone on the first day, with a very nice service rep, who documented the problem but was unable to resolve it. Two or three hours on the second day, mostly with a wonderful rep from the internet side of the house.  She ordered a new gateway with a new service number to activate so as to suspend the old internet service number.  and with the understanding that we would be credited all the overage charges accumulated until new number was activated, we parted with some assurance that all was to be well.  Day 3 we saw the order place for the new gateway and new service number.  Today, now Day 9, we received an email that the order for the new gateway has been cancelled.

What next! 
I’ll call again an expect another couple hours on the phone.

Re: Internet Gateway changed to wireless plan - all that data usage
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