Iphone 6 Recycling Program

Is anyone else having an issue with the Recycling Program for the iPhone 6.  Purchased 2 new phones with upgrades.  Completed the online form to trade in the two phones I was replacing - one was a 4S and the other a 5S.  Told I would receive 2 rebate cards - one for $200 and the other $300 and I would receive shipping materials within 5 business day.  Waited almost 2 weeks and still didn't receive materials.  Tried to contact Recycling Program - no luck.  Contacted Verizon Wirelss customer service - agent had me print out shipping labels from website and mailed each one separately with Submission ID number assigned to each phone.  Have been able to confirm that both phones were received in the warehouse on 10/21/14 however, as of today, 11/19/14, when I try to check the status of the rebates both phones come up as not received.  I was able to get some on the phone the other day and she said they receive 15,000 phone per day.  My phones have been there almost a month - shouldn't their status have been at least been updated by now?  Confirmation e-mail that I received said any phones recevied after 12/1/14 will not receive the promotional amount of the rebate and will be re-evaluated.  Can anyone give me more information?

Re: Iphone 6 Recycling Program
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