Is this a legit email from Verizon?

I received this email supposedly from Verizon.  I don't use text so I don't know why I got this.  Is it legit?

Dear Valued Customer,

We are following up on a text sent to you 15 days ago to verify the mobile number you provided.

To start the process, select the 'Verify Mobile Phone Number' link below. Once you receive the text requesting verification, please reply with your zip code.

Verify Mobile Phone Number

Once you've verified your mobile number, you will be able to:

  • Get important updates about your account and services
  • Receive a code for your online account if you forget your password or get locked out
  • Protect your identity and help keep your account secure

Thank you for choosing Verizon.


Your Verizon Team

Re: Is this a legit email from Verizon?
Master - Level 1

It appears to be legit. Did you just sign up recently and provide your mobile number? If you did than it looks like they are trying to verify the number before they grant access.