Leaning Utility Pole

There is a Verizon utility pole next to my property that is leaning around 30 degrees toward my driveway. This represents a safety issue for my family and passersby.
I had contacted PECO which contacted Verizon. A new pole was installed by Verizon the following week. The issue is that the wires were never moved from the old to the new pole. The new pole sits empty as the old pole continues to lean.
A wire is now obstructing my driveway, with a clearance of only 10 feet. This week I was forced to turn away a delivery of landscaping material because they were unable to access the property. I am now suffering financial losses due to the Verizon equipment.
I request Verizon completes the transfer to the new pole immediately. It is creating an unsafe condition and also impedes the use of my property.
Thank you

Re: Leaning Utility Pole

I don’t know what state you reside in, but in New York State verizon charges a bogus

NYS Municipal Construction Surcharge just for the purpose of removing poles and wires. They charge $2.49 a month and make millions in profits but give no dedicated number to accomplish this task. You may be better off calling your states Public service commission or Public utilities commission that regulate verizon and their business practices.

you might contact your states Attorney Generals Office just to make sure what needs to be done gets done.

or try executive escalations https://www.verizon.com/about/our-company/executive-bios

good luck

Re: Leaning Utility Pole
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