Lied to regarding deposit

Sales rep, who was clearly determined to make the sale,  told me that we would get the deposit back in two months. During his reading of the terms & services, which were recorded, I specifically asked him again and he "confirmed." So this guy's lie is recorded.

In my mind, the reading of the terms of services, and my verbal acceptance of those terms, is the contract. I amended that boilplate contract such that, part of the "deal" is that I get my despoit in two months. So, Verizon is not meeting its end of the bargain.

At any rate, Verizon's response is ".. he may have be 'wrong', but oh well... deal with it." They won't even wave the fee for ending services early. How is any of this acceptable!?

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Community Leader

Couple of things:

1) Becareful about recording phone conversations as if not done properly, can be illegal.

2) Unfortunately you are stuck with the TOS that Verizon has. Poor customer service on their part to tell you things that aren't true, but unless you are willing to hire a lawyer or take them to small claims court to get your money back, you are stuck with it. BTW, what does TOS say about deposits?