Limited FIOS availability

I doubt anyone that has any say would actually read this. but Verizon is not actively trying to have competition with bright house. there is absolutely no reason that A home in one of the most populated counties in FL should have access to one high speed internet provider. Fiber optics are the best way to go for high speed internet and you (Verizon) refuse to provide the service for this area. weather it be legal issues or not that prevent you from expanding. It's a companies duty to be competitive, and not make under the table deals to stay away from competitors areas and they stay away from yours. Verizon should be ashamed of themselves, and should be ashamed of yourselves for wanting to ruin net neutrality as well.


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Re: Limited FIOS availability
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You are correct, nobody that has any say will see your message, as this is a peer-to-peer forum and you're talking to other users.

Note that Verizon does not "have duty to be competitive."  It does have a fiduciary responsibility to generate the best return on investment for it's shareholders.  So do all companies, for that matter.  No company as a " duty to be competitive."  In fact, most companies would like to be unregulated monopolies so they can set prices however they want.

Competition arises when multiple companies serve a market and are therefore must offer products as good or better than the competitors to keep or expand business.  This is the brilliance of capitalism and free markets.

The challenge facing companies that are considering expansion into new markets is the cost of entry.  Some markets, such as smartphone gaming, have a very low cost of entry.  For a service such as FiOS, the cost is quite high as significant capital investment must be made to install fiber and equipment.  We're talking 100s of millions of dollars to roll FiOS out in a metropolitan area.  That's why you see lots of smartphone games come and go but you don't see companies falling all over themselves to install fiber optic networks.