Log-In Using Wireless Phone Number

I "normally" log in to my accounts through My Verizon. This USED to give me access to BOTH my wireless and my residential (FiOS) accounts. Now, when I log in through My Verizon, I can access my wireless account, but when I try to access my residential (FiOS) account, it asks for my log-in again. When I input my wireless phone number, I get a message that the Account Name is not on record ... or something like that.

I called Verizon to find out why. After getting transferred back and forth, I was routed to a menu system and eventually hung up on. I tried again and spoke to a representative at Verizon Residential and was told, "We've made a lot of changes. Just use your Account Name to log on." 

This is not really an answer. Has somehthing changed without notification from Verizon? This response sounds like someone who really didn't want to take the time to get to the bottom of the issue to me.

Any help out there from anyone??

Re: Log-In Using Wireless Phone Number
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Community Leader

I know it some cases (myself included) the did disconnect wireless bill and FIOS bill.

Used to be called One Bill, but that appears to have been discontinued.