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I have been a customer of Verizon for over 30 years. I signed up for Fios as soon as it was available in my neighborhood in 2006. I want to upgrade my settop boxes but because i have a legacy package verizon wont upgrade my boxes without a $50 per box fee or changing my whole plan which is more expensive. All they care about is squeezing every penny they can out of you. What will it hurt to upgrade my boxes that are over 10 years old without a fee or changing plans. Im about to cut the cord and go with something else

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking mostly to other customers here.

Verizon has been charging the $50 box upgrade fee for years.  I've not heard of anyone who was able to get a reduction of that fee.  If it matters, the Fios ONE boxes are a significant improvement over the old boxes.  That's what prompted me to pay the upgrade fee a few years ago.  I did find the boxes faster and easier to use than the ancient ones they replaced.   The small size of the mini's and the RF remotes were very useful to me.  But then my old triple-play contract expired and the new pricing was much higher, so I cut the cord and went internet only with them.

If you're on one of the old triple-play contracts, you should start talking to them before the contract expires.  They may or may not offer you a deal.  Check pricing on their current "Mix&Match" plans.  Depending on what you pay now, you may find pricing worth considering.

You can also try reaching out to their social media support team.  You can reach them by tweeting @verizonsupport of DM'ng them on their FaceBook page.