Loose cable running perimeter of property to service new neighbor

We just returned from vacation to find a loose cable running along the left side, rear and right side of our property and terminating on the right side of the neighbor's house. The house recently sold and the previous owner had Comcast. We don't have any utility easements on the side or rear of our property. In the rear we have a drainage easement, but that's it. This is a new development and to my knowledge, there are no utilities running in the rear of any of these properties. All the utilities are located in the front within the right of way. We have irrigation piping running along the side and rear of our lot which would be within the path of where this cable is laid. It would seem the easiest thing is for Verizon to bore under the driveway within the right of way in the front yard to get to the neighbor's house rather than digging all around our lot. I am hoping that boring within the right of way is the solution and the current path outlined by the cable is just temporary. Either way, I'd like to hear from Vz on what the plan is. 

Re: Loose cable running perimeter of property to service new neighbor

Hi Jamrock,

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