Mandatory Cancellation Fee since Fios isn't offered where I'm moving to?
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I'm 10 months into a 1 year contract with Verizon Fios. I'm moving in a couple weeks and Fios isn't available, only basic telephone service. I'm being told by Verizon's cancellation department that I have to pay a $177 cancellation fee. It's a mandatory fee, there's nothing they can do, I was told "as soon as I enter the cancellation in the system, the fee automatically appears on the bill and you have to pay it". I can understand if I just called to cancel to switch to a cheaper competitor, fine -- the cancellation fee is warranted but Fios isn't even available yet at my new location.

Why is it the customers fault that Fios isn't installed throughout the entire state of NJ? Does Verizon really think that when Fios does become available there's any chance I'll switch back after having to pay this fee? I'm also going to have to seriously reevaluate my wireless plan. That two year agreement was up last year. It might just be a perfect time to switch to AT&T wireless. Why continue to give business to Verizon when they obviously just don't care?

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