Messy Pole
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I have contacted our local electric company PSEG Long Island about our concerns about a pole located in Sayville, NY 11782. PSEG Long Island has informed us that it is Verizon's pole. For about two years this telephone pole has been unsightly. A rope has been tied to a tree on the other side of the sidewalk to support it and several loose wires have been hanging and unsupported for just about as long. There has been a metal support brace lying on the ground along the sidewalk for a lengthy time as well. A new pole has been installed, but no one has cleaned up the area or removed the rope to the tree or the old pole. Who is responsible for this mess?

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Of course it’s verizon. The NYS Municipal Construction Surcharge is what all us New Yorkers are paying. Then when it’s for moving or removing poles after getting a bogus surcharge in the gazillion of dollars each month, they play dumb.

i would call your local engineers office or department of public works to have them assist. You could also contact the NYS Public Service Commission 

they have a toll free number to contact them. 

Amazing collecting millions per month and still won’t do what they already collected money for. 1-800-VERIZON is their number but good luck.

Re: Messy Pole
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.