Microsoft Windows Support
Are there any plans to deliver what you promise in regards to phones, specifically, non-android, non iPhone? No support for viewing Quantum DVR, supposed media server, from ANY of my Microsoft platforms: Windows 10 pc, Windows 10 phone, Windows Surface RT, no support for Visual voicemail on any of my 3 devices, no ability to manage my FIOS service other than send money or read email, WOW. I cannot program my DVR from any of my 3 devices, let alone view their content. Any competitor might be sounding like a much more progressive place to spend my $3k/year for home/mobile; wake up Verizon, follow through on your promises.
Re: Microsoft Windows Support
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  1. I have the same problem. I just purchased a surface pro 4, and found that there is no myFios Windows app. So I'm unable to view all of my channels or DVR content from my new tablet/PC. I think we need to make more noise in order to get a response.