Misleading Sales

I specifically asked Verizon when setting up my account if cancelling local TV after the free promotional period would cause me to incur any charges. I was told no. Flash foward to the end of my promotional period and Customer Service is refusing to cancel my local TV. To make matters worse, I was led to believe that I could watch these local channels on my mobile devices, which is not true. A Set-Top box is required with the only work around being to download the individual local channel's apps. Not only was I confused and mislead about this, I spent over an hour on the phone with a customer service sales rep months ago who openly admitted she didn't realize local channels were unavailable on the mobile device.

I would have never agreed to pay for local channels -- I get them for free through my cable line. I'm a sophisticated shopper and I didn't like how unyielding and rude the customer service representative was to me. 

Re: Misleading Sales
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Community Leader

Is that cable from a previous provider?

Or are you refering to FIOS?

With FIOS, you can get local channels via cable if you subscribe to local channels and have a tv that has a qam tuner (more newer tvs do).