Misled by Salesman - FIOS cancellation fee

Sad to see posts like mine all over the internet. Even more sad that I didn't see them before I switched to Verizon. This past April I switched from Comcast to Verizon FIOS. At the time I was apprehensive about signing a 2 year contract, knowing that I likely wouldn't be in the same are for that long. I was assured by both the home salesman and customer service that, if I moved to an area they didn't service, I wouldn't be charged an early cancellation fee. Now I am moving, and the only thing Verizon offers in the area is home phone service. Since I am moving into a parsonage, the phone line is already provided from the church, so I have no need for another home phone line. Talked to Dave in customer service today, and he informed me that I am facing a $125 early cancellation fee, since they do "technically" still offer service in that area, even though I made it clear when I signed up that I had no interest in any services other than internet. So my choices are either to pay a $125 early cancellation fee or $20/month + setup fees for a home phone that I don't need. Terrible customer service Verizon... 

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Whalefree,

Would you mind sending this post to me in a private message along with your account details so I can investigate this for you?