Misrepresentation of services


I was chatting with a rep about transferring service to a house i recently purchased and was informed that Verizon couldn't bundle DirectTV with Fios Internet/Phone when I transferred my service.  The only problem is that I know the current resident of the house has exactly that setup.  He has DirectTV (with Genie DVR whole home system) and Verizon Fios internet/phone.  I checked the webpage and followed the DirectTV link and was shown bundles for DirectTV/FIOS internet/FIOS Phone and wanted to find out how much equipment rental/transfer of services would be.  The rep lied about not being able to bundle DirectTV and tried to say I could only get FIOS TV bundled with FIOS Internet/Phone.  When I mentioned that I followed Verizons own link and the webpage clearly states DIRECTTV bundled with FIOS Internet/Phone she abrubtly ended the chat session.  Is this the kind of customer service I can expect from Verizon from now on?  I would upload the screencapture but I only have the in PDF.  If someone at Verizon cares,  i can send the in an email.  Lying to your customers about the services offered though is not a great way to build loyalty.