Monroe NJ -08831 FIOS Availability

Hi Customer Service,

I live in a new community - Stratford at Monroe with Zip Code - 08831. The issue is FIOS Availability. The home behind me which was built 2years later than mine has FIOS, but our street do not have. I have spoken to couple technicians who are installing FIOS service here and they verified the cabling and said the cabling is all done and need to activate something from the company side to show that FIOS availability and in addition they told that they have a program for these kind of issues and will talk to their manager and will give me a call within a week. I tried calling them again and again but there no response. I heard that those guys said someone will call from Somerset, NJ office. Any one has any idea. 

thanks / Sankar.

Re: Monroe NJ -08831 FIOS Availability
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This is a peer to peer support forum.  You need to contact Verizon directly for an answer.