Moving and need to discontinue my service

I renewed my 2 year agreement in January (my bill went up $50).  I just found out that my husband is getting transferred to Illinois from Maryland.  I called to find out if I would be able to transfer my service to Illinois and was told they do not offer the Fios service in Illinois and I would have to cancel my service and pay a $190 ETF!  I could understand the charge if I was just cancelling early and going with someone else but I am moving and you do not offer service where I am going. Other companies (Charter) will waive the fee if their service is not offered where you are moving.  If I had know that I was moving I would not have signed up for another 2 years.   I did not receive any incentives or take any incentives when I signed a new 2 year contract.  Life Happens and I would think Verizon would understand that and not penalize its customers under these circumstances.