Moving is such a painful experience

I spent over one and a half hours today moving my service. I swear I could feel my blood pressure going up at each point. I have a working verizon router at home that matches the model number that is required and everything works fine. However, when I was setting up my move, it just wouldn't let me use my router. I clicked on having my own router and it told me to call this phone number. 

I went ahead and call the phone number. However, just like the broken moving system, it says that no one is available to help because it was outside their working hour. Rather than telling me to call at certain time to reach someone, it just tells me all the stuff about going on the verizon website to set up the move. So I turned to the next logical thing which is to click on the big chat with us button. 

I chatted with an agent who was very patient with me, but still couldn't help me use my own router. I was told I needed to buy a new one (the exact same one I had ordered from Verizon the year before). Finally, the agent transfer me to another agent who did help me get through the whole thing. Then the agent forwarded me the expected billing amount for the coming month (very nice and helpful), and I noticed that there is an activation fee. 

Obviously I was not happy about it, and complained without any effect. Sigh, verizon will screw you any way they can... Then after chatting with the agent on the phone about this surprised activation fee, I found out that the 50 dollar gift card that I was promised for self installation does not exist. because my new apartment requires a technician to come to install something. They have no idea what they need to install something even though the previous tenant had verizon internet. 

Verizon, please help your customer service by telling them why certain actions are required and it will help the customer not think that they are just being screwed over left and right.

This is a big rant but I think it is a good way to express your frustration and anger. 

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Re: Moving is such a painful experience
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it sounds like you may live in a SLIP (Service Left In Place)building currently and the router is suppose to be left in place for the next tenant.