My League of Legends access has decreased dramatically


I am a very frustrated long time customer with Verizon. As of late, my access to League of Legends has been CONSISTENTLY poor over the past few weeks (maybe months) and I know at this point it is on Verizon's end. I have searched countless forums for a solution and the only thing I keep seeing is other East Coast users having the EXACT same problem I am having.

I pay for this internet access for two reason: So I can do my hobby (gaming) and so that my kids can use their tablets at home. If both or one of those things don't work, I can get my internet elsewhere. At this point, I am in no way bound to Verizon and would be happy to leave at this point since my service has not been consistent. 

On top of all of this, I've had my internet go down multiple times a month in the past 6 months which is out of the ordinary. Lately this service has been getting worse and I am beginning to look at other options.

If there is any resolution, specifically to the gaming problem, I would appreciate any help I can get. Otherwise, I feel like I'm paying too much for service thats average at best (used to be top notch).

Thank you.

Jerry W.

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