My deceased mother in law's and deceased father's vmail deleted by Verizon . . .

10/3 - I call Verizon to order iPhone 11 pro.  Told I would have to go to store or online to purchase outright.  Asked rep about changing my plan as other mobile companies advertising great rates for unlimited data.  Rep told me I could switch to prepaid plan to get more data. Didn't tell me that all vmails for my husband and I would be deleted in doing so.  My mother-in-law passed away recently and my husband had voice mails from her that he had saved.  I had vmail saved from my deceased father.  Poof - gone.  Needless to say, my husband and I were devastated.

I call Verizon again later in the day to ask if there is anyway vmails can be retreived.  I am told possibly, but it will take 5 days.

10/9 - call to check on vmail restoration.  Rep tells me I have to speak with another department and transfers me.  Speak with another rep who is not able to see where a ticket was opened for my first request.  He opens a ticket and assures me repeatedly he will be able to restore voice mails, but it will take 5 days.

10/21 - call to check on vmail restoration.  Speak with rep who tells me this is not possible and the last two reps should not have said it was a possibility.  

Why am I writing this you ask?  1.  To provide feedback to someone other than the first tier support asking that rep training be reviewed (niave I may be thinking anyone in Verizon management may participate on these boards).  Reps should disclose plainly that voicemails will be deleted and a new online account will need to be setup when moving from post to pre paid account.  If I had known, I would have made a different decision (and I still can't access my account online as "my verizon is temporarily unavailable" everytime I log in on a computer).  2.  Because maybe, just maybe, someone on here may know of a way to restore the voicemails from an archive.

Re: My deceased mother in law's and deceased father's vmail deleted by Verizon . . .

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