NBA Pass _ Trying to Cancel

Upon receipt of a bill ~$100 higher than usual in January 2021, I called to find that there was an auto renewal of the NBA Pass that I never requested. The customer service person indicated that the service would be cancelled and a refund would be processed. The February bill came, also $100 higher, I called again and was told again the product would be cancelled on the next bill and the refund would likely be processed in the two subsequent bills. 

I am a long-time Verizon customer and business owner, don't love sitting on the phone for 30-45 minutes at a pop but wanted to make sure this was taken care of. Finally, the March bill came, called again only THIS TIME I was told there was no record of my having requested that the service be cancelled and that there was no possibility of a refund. After speaking to a supervisor I was told that an attempt to view a single game in August triggered the product purchase and that it was my problem that I didn't cancel an automatic renewal that I knew nothing about. I'm furious and am shocked 1) that better communication and explanation of what is being purchased is not required and 2) that customer service people are so poorly trained (or lie) when you cancel such that there is an expectation of a refund and then a denial about it later. I requested written proof of my request for the service and was told it was not available. This is a terrible way to treat loyal customers. 

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Hi CapuLing,

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