NEED HELP!! customer service nightmare

I am moving to a new address and want to move service to the new place. Placed order (took me 3 hours) and then got email asking me to upload proof of residency.

When clicking upload button, nothing show up. 

Then I spent 6+ hours chatting and calling customer service. After being transferred to 10+ different centers and hang up by a representative once and eventually being put on endless hold.  

I am desperate now. Besides being busy with work and moving, I need to waste time on this stupid monopoly company. 

I sent an email to CEO but he is too busy with making money with no care for customer.  

I can foresee that I need to spent another 10+ hours trying to cancelling the service at current address if the order does not work. 

Re: NEED HELP!! customer service nightmare
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.