Need pole on my property since line is so long


I had a House fire last March and I'm currently rebuilding my house. A powerline came down from a tree and tore the line off my house and set it on fire. The line was too long from the pole which is owned by verizon. I am told the line was too long. I need to add a second pole on my property so the line is not too long to the house to prevent any future fires. I need to add this soon. Who do I contact?

Re: Need pole on my property since line is so long
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Community Leader

Verizon typically doesn’t add private property poles. And technically their technicians  are not even supposed to climb private property poles. You can do two things. 

There are many electrical contractors that will  places place private property  poles. Talk to your job foreman rebuilding the house about going that route. 

Second option and probably a better one is to have a trench dug from pole to house and have you utilities buried. You’ll have to check with you local electric company to see if they direct bury or use conduit. In my area the electric company will direct bury electric from pole to house for a fee of course. 

As far as for Verizon is concerned have your contractor run an 1 1/2 “ conduit from pole to house so if you ever switch to your local cable company you will be able to pull both Verizon and cable drops through same conduit. 

Once either conduit or pole is placed contact Verizon to come out and rerun drop.