Neighbor's Comcast Deal, AV pixelation/cracking, and ETF
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Hey, I have supported FiOS from the day it was available in my area. Of course, the price increased approx $40 per every new 2 year contract, for the exact same services. They wanted $265 per month when my 2 year contract expired in May- with only a 25MBps boost in DL speed as a bonus. That would have been for the entire premium movie channel package, Nat Geo, Smithsonian, all local channels, all in HD, w/ EPIX, 3 STBs, (1 is a 7 year old DVR), 50/25 MBps internet and unlimited phone. They wanted $265/month for that. I said no way. They finally agreed to keep my bill @ $218/month, which is still high. All the good deals are going to the new customers, not the customers who helped FiOS thrive. My neighbor just got the same deal as I have from Comcast, without Epix he is paying $119/month, guaranteed for 2 years. I want to see how his service performs at peak hours, both audio/visual quality and download speeds. I also want to review his ensuing bills for price hikes. Let's assume everything written on the order slip is the real price- it would benefit me to pay the ETF and switch. That would be a $1,200/year savings, for practically the identical thing. No EPIX would not devastate me as they insist on panning and scanning most 2.35:1 AR movies to 1.33:1, losing 40% of the originally filmed image.  My picture has frozen 3 times in the last week on FiOS, a problem I though they fixed in May. It is not on DVR playback, just premium channel movies. My neighbor also has access to HBO's entire back catalog, as in being able to view "Game Of Thrones", for free, from the very first episode until the most recent. Vz only gives you the previous season on HBO, as you know. Vz does have substantial back catalogs of other pay movie channels archives, but not HBO on your STBs.  So, I'm a little annoyed this video problem has resurfaced, and if my neighbor's service and bill perform as promised over time, I am opting out. Vz has no loyalty to their long term customers, who should be rewarded for their continued support. I will keep the board posted to see how XFinity performs, and if there are any surprise charges in his bills. As far as my AV quality goes, if I wanted pixelated/freezing images and popping/cracking sound, I'd call DirecTV back. FiOS was sold to us a being "99.9%" perfect. It used to be, but not during the last few years.   RJM

Re: Neighbor's Comcast Deal, AV pixelation/cracking, and ETF
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I assume the price you are quoting is for service and hardware?

Keep in mind that new users typically get a better price than existing users.

I just got a quote to renew my service for $155/month.

That is Ultimate, 75/75 Internet and phone.

Of course hardware and premiums are additional.