Net Neutrality
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I have read several articles, and watched several videos, stating that Verizon is against net neutrality. I love my fast internet speed, but I swear that I will close my account if this happens. This is from an email that I got from Mozilla:

Net neutrality is fundamental to free speech. Without net neutrality, big companies could censor your voice and make it harder to speak up online. Net neutrality has been called the "First Amendment of the Internet."

And I agree completely.

Go to the FCC comment page and tell them how you feel:

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Re: Net Neutrality
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Will Verizon jump at the chance to raise prices for "premium" services and create a whole new ghetto of slow and gated access? The Reptile Party is making it possible.

"Federal regulators unveiled a plan Tuesday that would give Internet providers broad powers to determine what websites and online services their customers can see and use."

Push back AS CUSTOMERS against verizon anti-net neutrality actions
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Verizon general Counsel Craig Silliman selling snake oil. What specific "different legal footing" will protect net neutrality? I, as verizon customer, want verizon regulated as utility. I remember old Bell Telephone. Verizon & other post-reg communications commpanies have repeatedly shown themselves to be greedy & dishonest.

Net Neutrality
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Send this to the bosses: The MOMENT Verizon even dabbles in restricting websites or throttling speed in order to get more money, I will drop FIOS. If that means going to RCN or Comcast, so be it. 

Re: Net Neutrality to be violated by Verizon.
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Leaked Video Shows FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Roasting Himself With 'Jokes' About Being a Verizon Shill

One of the more egregious of Pai’s jokes, which reflects the frequent accusations that he’s a corporate shill, comes at the 20:00 mark. “In collusion—I mean, in conclusion, sorry, my bad ....

The video is a skit that opens to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and takes place at “Verizon’s DC Office” in 2003, where Pai worked as an attorney before joining the FCC a few years later. A random Verizon executive tells him: “As you know, the FCC is captured by the industry, but we think it’s not captured enough, so we have a plan.”

“What plan?” Pai asks.

“We want to brainwash and groom a Verizon puppet to install as FCC chairman,” the executive says. “Think ‘Manchurian Candidate.’”

“That sounds awesome,” Pai responds.

Todays the day NN
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So if NN is canned who else is dropping? Ill be dropping Verizon once I see the greed. Once my connection goes to crap unless i purchase something or if my price increases im out. I wonder if Verizon is worried about the millions that will drop there service?

Re: Net Neutrality
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As we wait, my finger hovers over the Verizon cancel button.

Net Neutrality
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Dear Verizon,

If I ever catch you slowing down certain websites or internet applications in favor of others I will leave you in a heartbeat for someone else that respects the spirit of the internet.

Thank you

Fios Service
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I'm very disappointed in Verizon and unless Verizon switches it's hostile stance on net neutrality we will be swtiching our service to Optimum in August once our contract is up. Optimum supports net neutrality. 

net neutrality
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What are customers thoughts on the demise of net neutrality? What will happen if our data is strangled, or we are made to pay more for certain sites on top of what we already pay? Would Verizon do that?