Never Received Gift Card
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I've tried endlessly through general Verizon support to get this sorted out and have not been able to reach a resolution. I redeemed a gift card on 7/23/2023 and it was never delivered via email. I've checked all spam/junk boxes and have received gift cards from hawkmarketplace in the past so I know they aren't getting blocked.

I contacted Verizon support, who passed me to the Gift Card department, they verified with the 3rd party gift card agency that while it was marked shipped it was never actually emailed due to an error. They won't issue a new one. For whatever reason the notes on my account aren't conveying this to general support.  Nobody is communicating between departments and I am just going in circles. It is clear I can't get this resolved without somebody within Verizon working this. 

Can somebody help me here? I've very clearly never activated or used the supposed "shipped" gift card as I've never received it. 

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