New Contract Price Discrepancy
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I renewed my Verizon Fios Triple Play contract yesterday.  I entered into a new 2 year contract with Verizon.  I received an email setting forth the terms and pricing of the new contract and confirmed it via the email with the agent on the phone.  The base price of the triple play is $154.99, but a $45 Agreement incentive is to be applied through February 2020, bringing the cost down to $109.99.   With several premium channels and equipment the monthly charge should be $158.97 before taxes and fees.

Several hours after confirming the agreement and receiving the follow-up notification email from Verizon, I logged onto the Verizon website to look at how the new plan was being shown.    I was surprised to see that the price on the website for the first 12 months was $203.97.  It took me until this morning to figure out that it's because the $45 Agreement incentive isn't being applied.  There is also a $5 Tech Support Pro service entry that I don't think is affecting the price total, although I didn't order it and would like it to be removed.

I contacted Verizon and spoke to two different agents.   Neither of them could figure out why the price shown on the website was higher than what I had agreed to but assured me that their system notes reflected the $158.97 price.  They claimed, however, there is no way to fix what's on the website. 

I have had problems with Verizon billing in the past and do not feel confident that I will be billed correctly unless this is fixed.  Even though I have the email showing what I agreed to, I'd rather try to preempt any billing problems than have an overdue balance start to accrue while I trust Verizon to fix this problem once the new billing contract starts.  Can anyone suggest another way I can try to get this fixed to reflect what I actually agreed to.  Thanks.

Re: New Contract Price Discrepancy

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent,