New Customer regretting switch

I have been a Verizon customer for all of about 5 hours now.  I am already regretting my decision to swtich.

When I signed up for Fios internet I was told by the sales rep that came to my home, and personally looed at my modem,  that I would be able to use my curent modem/router and that I would not have to rent one from Verizon.  As a result, I would save about $10 a month so I decided to switch.  

Now that my verizon has been installed (with a fee of $69.99) I have been told that I will NOT be able to use my router and that I will need to rent or purchase a new one.  This would eat up any savings that I would have from the switch, PLUS i am out the $70 for the install.  In the past 4 hours I have spent an hour with a technician who could not help me, 30 minutes on hold and another 30 minutes with a Billing customer service rep who eventually transfered me to a number where no one picked up.  When I tried to call back I was told that the offices were closed.  

I never thought that I would ever say this, but I wish that I still had COX cable.  

I see three ways in which this can be resolved:

1.  waive the charge for the modem rental so that I am paying the same rate that I was quoted.

2.  Waive the charge for the installation so that, while I'm no saving any money on my monthy bill, I'm at least not screwed out of $70.

3.  Cancel the whole contrace, refund all of my money and we can go our seperate ways.

Thank you

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.  If you want a response from Verizon you'll need to call or chat with them.

Unfortunately, the door-to-door salesmen who peddle FiOS have a bad reputation of not knowing what they are talking about.  I've seen too many reports of them telling people whatever is needed to close the sale.  My guess is they don't work for Verizon but for a marketing company and they get paid for each sale.  Since they don't have to handle the fallout of making false promises, they have little incentive to be honest.  The phone and online reps who work for Verizon seem to provide much more accurate information.  I find the Verizon web site is the best, most accurate source of info.

FiOS does not use modems.  It uses routers.  The connection between the ONT and the router is typically over coax, but it is quite different than the system used by cable modems.  If you have a cable modem, it is useless with FiOS.

If you have a regular Ethernet based router, you can use it with FiOS, but only if you don't have FiOS TV service.  You'll need to call or chat Verizon to switch the ONT from coax WAN to Ethernet WAN.  Then, you can plug your router into the WAN Ehthernet jack on the ONT.  Note that Verizon provides zero support for a non-Verizon router.

You can buy used Verizon routers online for not a lot of money.  If you do that, you can have a supported router and/or TV service while eliminating the rental fee.  You can buy a new router direct from Verizon.  If you don't want the latest, dual band 802.11ac router ("Quantum"), you can purchase the older single band 802.11n Actiontec new for $75 here:

It's a decent router that can meet most people's needs.

Good Luck.

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Hello zygonyx

You will need to call back during business hours to see if Verizon is willing to make any adjustments on your bill.

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I beleive you have up to 30 days (don't quote me) to cancle your service with no penalty.

Call customer service and see what you can do.