New Fees Appearing On Bill
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So I renewed for a new 2 year contract in early October, expecting just a $10 increase in my bill, but when I got my bill in late October, I found it to be over $30 higher than my previous bill.

$10 of that was expected, and then $6 was because of pro-rating for the remainder of October, but that still left a little over $14 unexplained. Then I noticed that 2 new fees had suddenly appeared on my bill, fees that have never appeared on any of my bills for the past 4 years. A "Regional Sports Network Fee" and a "Fios TV Broadcast Fee", which totaled up to just over $14.

These were not fees that I was made aware of during the order process. I only learned of the _possibility_ of new fees *after* my order was completed, when I received an email about my _estimated_ new bill. Since it was just an estimate, and since I hadn't changed my TV option (the Extreme HD option), and since, again, the order had already been completed by that point, I dismissed it at the time.

WTH Verizon?

Re: New Fees Appearing On Bill
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Unfortunately these are fees they have been phasing in.

Not sure why you weren't told.
Those fees are as they say, regional. This allows Verizon to charge more in those areas where RSN and local broadcast channels cost more than others.