New account with late installation and without any sports channel

 I want to say first off.... that I waited for my scheduled install for nearly the whole day.I was originally told my install would be between 11am-2pm then it went to 1pm-5pm, when 4pm came around I was pretty nervous so I called customer service and was told that my install was canceled ,in turn I got angry then was transferred to someone else, after that I then did have the install after the tech arrived at 6:30pm and stayed until about 9pm which I spent my whole day for!!! Now, 2 days ago after having signed up for the recent promo that has been offered for 79.99 because I thought it was the same promo that a friend of mine had from a year or so ago called preferred HD package, which is what I thought my wife had agreed to on my behalf. I am writing to complain that I recently requested from an online chat to please allow exchanging some of the unlimited movie channels that were offered with some sports channels for instance MSG,YES ESPN which were included  in the prefered HD package. My wife was unaware when ordering this that it DOES NOT HAVE ANY sports chennels whatsoever which I would much rather have than 30+ movie channels most of which I will never even watch.I have only had FIOS now for about 2 weeks <<<this is outrageous!

I am seriously considering canceling my account because as the customer I was told in the online chat I had that I was basically stuck with what was ordered>>>which I find to be at the VERY LEAST.... POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I will be cancelling my account and shop around with other carries unless this problem is resolved

Re: New account with late installation and without any sports channel
Customer Service Rep

Hi elmontjd,

I apologize we misinformed you stating you are stuck with what you ordered.  You can actually sign in to your account at any time on, view the different channel lineups, and make your changes there.

The web site will show you price changes, channel changes, everything, etc  before you complete your order as well