New customer very poor customer service.

Verizon customer service SUCKS.  You won't even believe this nonsense.  I took over my elderly mothers home.  I looked at verizon bill and they had her at the lowest tier of services and charged her 300 a month.  Like over 3k a year for 75 up and down.  She agreed it was too much and I called verizon.  I was encouraged to close her account and open a new on in my name.  They promised to transfer over her land line that I never had before and keep her email intact.  When I double checked the land line it was disconnected.  I call verizon and they said oh we need the old account info.  I was like it's closed and disconnected just give me that phone number.  No we can't do that.  I asked for a supervisor and got the same bull crap.  I asked them what notes does your CS people add to cases it should be in my account and the fact they needed to activate the land line on my account when the services were activated.  I was told CS does not add notes to there cases and that they need the old account to take the disconnected line to my account.  That is the biggest bull crap I heard in my life.  In the mean time someone else probably already took my mothers number.  So I should have really kept asking for the next level of support until I got someone that helped, but I just hung up on the supervisor.  So as a new customer this is my first weeks experience with them.  I never had such issues as a Comcast customer in my apartments.  They always handled everything and I was only an internet service customer.  Verizon you need to fix your poor customer service department.  They can't help with anything except screwing it all up.  I am seriously thinking about cancelling the service and calling Comcast.

Re: Very poor Verizon FIOS customer service
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Hi dentrw,

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