New policy- close ticket without repair?

On June 8th, I notified Verizon that my telephone line was down because of a storm and that I had no service. I waited a week for a technician to come out on June 15th. He explained that the line was down (which I had already notified them of) and that a crew of linemen would need to come by to fix the issue. My repair ticket was closed an hour after the technician left, but we saw linemen on our lane later in the day so I thought we would soon have service. The lines have been picked up off the road but we still have no service. I had to contact Verizon and, since the previous repair ticket was closed (even though it was not resolved), I need to wait another week for another technician (scheduled for June 25th.)

Is it a new policy for Verizon to close a ticket without ensuring that service was restored? I will be approaching 3 weeks without service due to the wait times for a technician to come out. I understand that there will be a wait, but my old ticket should not have been closed before it was verified that my service was restored and any additional work should have been performed then- not requiring me to wait even longer for a whole new visit.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made internet service a huge priority for those of us working and schooling from home and having this long of an outage is a massive inconvenience.