No more customer retention?
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I have been a FIOS customer for almost 4 years now (6 if you count my service at my previous home) and have seen my monthly bill rise to $176 a month, which is way to high since I was only paying $129 a month when I first started. I figured I would see if Verizon was willing to do anything to help keep me as a customer.
I guess they don't want my business after all. After speaking with 2 separate people from their "retention" department the best they can do is $20 off my monthly bill - but only after downgrading my service (in other words not actually offering anything at all). When I mentioned that the local cable company is offering their triple-play package for $89 a month the reps could only say that it was not as good as Verizon and that I should stay with them, even though they are not actually willing to do anything to keep me as a customer.
As much as I hate to say it but it's looking like goodbye Verizon and hello Cablevision.
Re: No more customer retention?
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Every cable company offers NEW CUSTOMER pricing, none of them offer CUSTOMER LOYALTY pricing. It is the nature of the industry.