No more customer retention?

Spent a good long time on the phone tonight with a CSR. My 15/15 FiOS internet went from $39.99 to 74.99 after a year-long promotional period ended. Promotion is over, fine. But I'm not paying $75 for internet when I can get $29.99 from comcast for higher speeds. 

Best CSR could offer me was $69.99.  I said I would cancel and go to Comcast. Didn't care. Couldn't do anymore than $69.99.   I asked if I could talk to somebody else, like a retention agent.  Said there was no longer a retention department. 

If this is true, I'm walking. 

Re: No more customer retention?
Community Leader
Community Leader

When you call in, select the menu options to cancel all services.  You'll be connected to a retention agent, if they still have them.  Be fully prepared to walk and you'll find out if they are willing to make a deal.

Good Luck.