No show and late techs

I have had verizon TV and internet for about 2 years now. Recently I started experiencing intermittent connectivity and speed issues. I placed 2 calls to tech support and after rebooting the router and the network interface box, which abated the issue briefly. However the issue would return a few hours later. The techs indicated they had resolved the issue by changing the wireless channels on the router. However I was not using wireless, that was turned off in the router itself.

Finally on my third call they said they would send someone out the following day between 12pm and 5pm. I took the day off of work. I called and confirmed first thing in the morning and was assured someone would come. However, no one ever came and I received no calls. It was not until I contacted supporr that they told me I would have to reschedule for 2 days later. They gave me a window of 9am-5pm then a confirmation email came saying that the tech actually had the option of getting there between 9am and 9pm. Nonetheless, I took yet another day off of work. I received a call from a tech at 2:30 pm indicating that he was on his way and would be at my home shortly. Three hours later he is still not here. I am assuming he is again not coming.

I am yet again on chat with tech support to see where this person is. How is this possible? The technical  support in essence lied to me about what they did, 2 days taken off of work by me for a techs who never showed up, one calling me saying he was on his way and then never being heard from again.

I understand that Verizon is a large company but this type of practice is absolutely horrendous. When I complained to customer service I received an email saying they regretted the inconvenience and that was it! Even when they were told about the situation they did not care. How are these types of practices acceptable?

Not only do I not have reliable internet service that I am paying for but I lose time and money by missing work. Since I dont have reliable internet service I cannot even mitigate that by attempting to work from home.

Customer service was indifferent, tech support was ineffective, service inoperable. How dare you send me an email saying that you regret my inconvenicne and then do nothing to fix it and then say you hope to be a provider of services to me in the future?

I am appauled and dissapointed. If I had any other options I woud not be a customer of yours.