Obvious Hostile Employee

On 7/15/2020, I initiated a correction to my bill for a Vz router, and support stated I had to return the router to any Vz store. I called the Snowden River store and after going through the prompts, I asked if they accepted the return, and the person said YES.

Approximately 1245, I visited the 9021 Snowden Square Dr, Columbia, MD 21046 Vz store to return the hardware and was met by a representative outside (per COVID). The gentleman asked what we needed to do, and stated wanted to return the device.  The person went into the store and returned with a piece of paper then asked who said to bring it here. I stated I called the store at the number listed, and a person said ‘YES’. He proceeded to tell me the store doesn’t have a phone -when I showed him my mobile device with the number called and the phone number listing for the specific store, he became obviously upset that someone challenged him that there was a phone number. At this point, he indicated with a few loud eff bombs that this would not be possible to return the device there, and he did not give a {word filter avoidance} what any internet web page stated.


Being frustrated and surprised with his reaction, I stated “This is {word filter avoidance}”, and took the piece of paper out of his hand. He responded with an in my face “you don’t need to snatch the paper from me” and started more profanities. At this point I started to walk away, and my wife had moved further away as he was obviously looking for a confrontation. I asked for his name, he stated ‘my name is {word filter avoidance}, but your name is {word filter avoidance}. He continued with more yelling of eff bombs. As we walked away he repeated screaming you’re an {word filter avoidance}, etc.  He ended with a yell “don’t ever come back to this store”.  

Unfortunately, there were 2 other customers waiting outside, and he turned his anger on them, YELLING “What do you want? “

As he would not provide his name, I can only tell you that he was approximately middle age, African American, 5’5”, with close cut hair, in a Vz polo and jeans.

I can honestly say, I have never been treated or talked to with such disrespect and profanity, never. He is right, I will never go back to that store, unless to meet a Vz manager to point this person out. I am also following up with Howard County Police on his actions, as his violent outburst and profanity should not be allowed in a public space.  I would think that Verizon would want to question why this person works for them, as he provides a very bad representation of the company and community.

Re: Obvious Hostile Employee

Hi deg-00,

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