Online Orders - NEVER AGAIN

I ordered a $100 bluetooth earpiece online, and it was supposed to be shipped in two days.  It required a signature, so I made sure someone was home to receive the package.  After two days passed and the package was not delivered, I tracked the item online.  It said that the address was incorrect and multiple, unsuccessful tries were made to deliver the package, so it was being returned to sender.  I checked my confirmation email to make sure I input the correct address, which I did.  My number was also listed, and no one bothered to contact me when they were having trouble delivering the order.  When I contacted customer service, they said the address was incorrect (missing "st" or "ave" as well as an apartment number), which is a blatant lie.  They also said that I could place another order with them over the phone, but I would not receive a refund on the first order until it is received by the warehouse.  I'm sorry, but I am not placing another order with a company that is obviously incapable of processing my order and delivering it.  In addition, I am not going to put another $100 charge on my card while I still haven't been refunded for the first item.  I am extremely unhappy with Verizon.  This isn't the first time I've had problems with them, but it will definitely be the last, as I am never purchasing anything from them again.

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Re: Online Orders - NEVER AGAIN

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