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Online chat is a joke
Enthusiast - Level 2

I've had so many problems with Verizon Customer Service over the last few days including them promising us one rate over the phone then refusing to honor it, changing our account number (which caused our autopay to be canceled), and then telling us our bill is late. 


When trying to fix thi with online chat and obtain a phone number so I can finally resolve all of these issues, the chat rep abruptly ended the conversation. Very classy. 


Also, beware sending an email to Verizon Customer Service as the service doesn't allow any characters of any kind -- so forget punctuation! What a joke. 



Chat Subject:Billing Inquiry Question

Your Question:I am trying to write an email to customer service and it will not let me send it because I've included punctuation marks.

A Verizon eCenter Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Re: Online chat is a joke

Stanenba -

I would agree with your assessment that the online chat is a joke. I've tried repeatedly to use it - only to become so frustrated that I disconnected and called in to the customer service center instead.

My issues include:

  1. I'm logged into my account, but I have to type in everything - name, address, phone number, alternate phone number, etc. to "verify" myself.  If you don't trust your account authentication why have it?
  2. You must get the In Home Agent e-mail. In the 11 months I've been with Verizon FIOS TV I've had so many issues with the service, that I've gotten this email dozens (maybe a hundred) times. Do I need it again? NO!
  3. The agents don't read what I type. I type the issues with my service only to get questions that were already answered.  They don't retain anything. I have a feeling they are handling multiple chats at once and can't keep them separated.
  4. There is no escalation path. If you've got a serious issue their solution is to send you new STB. The folks at the UPS store laugh when I show up.

So with my most recent experience the agent (after 15 minutes) decided that I can only be helped by another new STB or calling in while the issue is occuring (it lasts for 2 minutes).  FUN.

Re: Online chat is a joke
Enthusiast - Level 2

Verizon has the worst customer support in the history of the world.  It gets worse and worse every day. 

Re: Online chat is a joke

I agree.  I have had all of the problems listed in these messages. In addition they misrepresent what the charges will be. Then try to charge me for payments already made and include a late fee. Don't know what has happened to Verizon. I used to like them.  Now I am just desperately tryng to find an alternative.