Open letter to Verizon

Open letter to Verizon and anyone thinking of using them for phone service at your home or business.  Beware this company that wants a two year commitment and more importantly one that automatically renews and locks you in for another 2 years in perpetuity without you having to do anything.  Verizon claims this is what their focus groups and customers asked for.  Really??  They say it was preferable to having the rates raised to some ungodly out of contract rate at the end of the term like AT&T tends to do.  Well I have a novel idea, coming from being a small business owner for many years, why not give the consumer the best service possible at a competitive rate?  Do this and you shouldn't have to lock your customers into any long term contract, let alone one that self renews unless you catch it at just the right time to prevent it.

Wake up Verizon, many of the alternate providers of phone service have already gotten smart and have no commitments.  The "evergreen clause" that you feel you need to keep your customers from bailing on you is sooooo short sighted.

And consumers, you need to wake up too and take your business to a company that earns your business everyday rather that companies that trick you into signing up and then lock you in so that it is very hard to get away from them.  Almost every area of the country has more than one choice for telephone service.  Start letting these executives making millions of dollars a year know that the public is tired of being ripped off.  Vote with your wallet.  Let's bring back and old fashioned way of doing business.  One where the livelyhood of the business depends of the value of the service they provide, not on the shifty fine print from their legal department.