OrderVietnamese chanel and recieve Spanish chanel

Been Verizon customer for almost 10 year. Was like it very much, mostly because their friendly customer service. Thing going down hill, I noticed since 2017.

Just now, call them to renew contract. The agreement is keep existing contract with new cost. They send email with link for Order Review, everything is remain unchanged, except the price. Sign the contract, the representative said the new plan will take effect midnight. Hang up the phone. Then Confirmation Order email came. The new plan is totally different what we agree, SBTN channel was removed, TV Mundo was added. Call them right away, another representative said she will add SBTN with adding cost. I told her, when I sign a new contract (it a link and soon not available after signed), I keep everything same, I did not remove nor add anything. She said she could not do anything, I must contact sale department, but she also said they are closed.

What a shame. Since when such immoral behavior happening in Verizon? I did not ask to remove SBTN, why it was removed. I did not ask to add TV Mundo, why it was added? Since when customer order one thing, and receive another thing? And they even made the Review-Order link disappear. Hello Verizon, you are to big to act like a street guy.

Im already escalate the situation, see what Verizon handle such unethical act from its own employee. Very sorry for such large corporation like Verizon.

Noting to other customer: when you sign contract that is not paper but a link, remember to take screenshot, because they will delete the link. See guys, this is one of reason why we, the human, everyday just becoming a meant-human just to survirve. If we trust/easy/polite, we will be cheated. Very sad and dissapointed.