Out of contract. Would like to request internet only. Best solutions/advice?


So, my 2-year contract has been up for a while and my wife and I have been wanting to downgrade to internet service only (financial reasons only). We are wondering what would be the best way to go about downgrading and avoid paying higher internet fees due to not bundling. We currently have the Triple Play with DVR and HD on 2 TVs. Going forward we would simply like the 25/25 internet; possibly local stations only if adding that would get us a reduction. I guess the best chance to reduce costs would be to lock in for another 2 years? We just worry about this as we are planning to move at some point during that time.

Note: account is in my wife's name. I am listed as an authorized user. As the bill is both of ours can I call to make changes to the account?

Thank you for suggestions!


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Community Leader

Best way to do it would be to go online and manage account.

You can try different options to see how they impact pricing.

I am not sure if it would calculate taxes and fees.