Overly aggressive sales reps door to door

EVery week, I get a rep from Fios or claiming to be from Fios Trying to sell me your service. I tell them no every time, and they usually insist on speaking to the "man" of the house and telling me they will return at a later time. I usually ignore the second knock that comes later.

this has become a weekly occurrence and I'm not one to get nasty or call corporate but enough is enough.
Do you have a "do not return" registry for people who are absolutley not interested in Fios?
Also asking for the man of the house is very 1950s & offensive , its 2016 Verizon, grow up.

Re: Overly aggressive sales reps door to door
Community Leader
Community Leader

These are sub-contractors.

Ask them what company they actually work for as Verizon doesn't have door to door employees.

Then contact their company to complain.

Or you could tell them to hang on and you will go get him.
Then forget to come back to the door.