I had Verizon Fios services in my home for several years.  During a previous contract I was never charged the correct amount.  I was quoted in writing what my monthly commitment would be including all fees and taxes.  Obviously on Demand or change of services would increase the bill but in my case this was not a factor. It should have been simple. Charge the customer exactly what they were quoted.   Of course, I was billed $20-$40/month over what I was quoted. I had to call several times wasting HOURS on the phone just trying to get them to bill me the correct amount. They could never simply correct the amount they were billing me. Finally they were able to issue me a credit and then a recurring credit each month.  Very messy and eventually that stopped and I had to call again and start the process over.

Finally my contact was up and I cancelled service. 

A day later they emailed me a great offer for new service. I thought there was no way they would do this again on a new contact so I signed up again.  Sure enough the bill showed up at a much higher rate than I was quoted in print by email with all fees and taxes.  I called again and waited on hold and tried to explain to the rep the situation. They promised resolution. Never happened and another bill came in wrong.  Called once again and promised it would be fixed and I wouldn’t have to call again after explain the history of this.  Still no resolution so I wasted 40 minutes in a chat session after not getting through via phone. Once again it remains wrong.  It has become obvious that this is simply their business practice.  I am sure this comes from the top.  I manage several offices with Verizon services and have become so discouraged I have begun the transition to Comcast. 

Major Fail Verizon.  Sick of wasting my time.  This is all done on purpose. It’s obvious at this point.

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Hi Outnumbered,

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