Poor Customer service, increase in billing.

Ok, I chose to go into a month to month with verizon at around 69.99 plus what ever fees so about 130.00 monthly (including internet and cable t.v "bundle deal"). Over these months 18 now to be exact my monthly bill flucuates. around every three month they upcharge me for the same services.  Mind you I pay last months amount and with the new charges carried over leaving past due amounts for around three months.  I found someone in customer service (after 1 hour) who recognized this pattern, at this time I was frustrated and just paid it considering to cancel services all together.  mind you I work 50 hours a week with children and who has time to wait on hold then speak to how ever many reps. for and undetermined length of time.  now searching through this website I see currently $151.99 month 1-6 (plus fees 184.00)and 196.99 month 7-12 (plus fees undetermined).  Penalizing loyal customers who are on No Term Agreement but faithfully use and pay for your service shows to me we aren't as valued as someone who commits to Term agreements.  I call one time get a rep. that calls me a liar  so immediately I escalated the call to a Ms. Mcneil or Macneal not sure of the spelling,  whom assured me that she would handle the rep. as he was under her a man who id himself to me as Ray which she identified as Rayshawn and he couldnt transfer me to her she had to call me from another line which struck me as odd and confusing.  (im not sure what the federal regulation on alias names and multiple names being used in collections).    At this time again  hour and a half into this call I explain to her my grievance with the company, offer to committ to a 2 year agreement that they are currently offering for the around same amount I started with but  only if my issue with fees associated with this behavior of increasing my bill could be resolved.  This could have been resolved amicably with Ms. Mcneil  (20 years plus experience she says).  No, she will not work with me on any fees after all this a fee you're willing to part ways, I like the internet and t.v service but at the end of the day its just that internet and cable t.v.  I feel like customer service could do more in my opinion.  It's great you have this forum and website (mind you this is my first day logging in my wife handles and set all this up)  I wish I would have done this sooner.  but my next step is to call 844-837-2262 to cancel services all together.       

Re: Poor Customer service, increase in billing.
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.